Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Headband & Onesie

A really good friend of mine is due to have a little girl in just a little under 3 weeks - just days before Valentine's Day. So when I saw this post and tutorial on making a baby headband, I knew I was just going to *have* to make it for her.

I went about it a little bit differently than the original, based on what I had at hand and my own preferences. But credit for the original idea definitely goes to Somewhat Simple!

First, I tore my fabric, and ironed it.

But I hate hand gathering as it says to do in the original tut. So I used my handy dandy ruffler foot. This thing looks so very intimidating to me, but once I figured it out, I really love it!

Then I traced a circle on my felt for the base and cut it out, as well as free-handed a heart. I also used a white heart button I had in my stash instead of 2 felt hearts. Use what ya got!

Next came hot gluing everything down. I used Fray Check on the ends of my fabric so that they wouldn't unravel with wear and tear.

I added a small hair clip to the back of mine instead of gluing it to the headband itself as originally called for.

I bought a baby headband that the clip can be put on, but also reused with other bows.

And here is the finished bow:

And here is the coordinating onesie!

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