Friday, March 9, 2012

Not Sew Much: Chair Redux

I didn't have to sew on this project, but I did use fabric! I am in the process of redecorating my sewing/laundry room and the easiest and fastest project in there is re-doing my sewing table chair. This is the chair. My sewing table originally came with a rolling stool, but it fell apart a couple years ago (one of the casters split) and it did not have any kind of back support. I found this one at Wal-Mart during their big college dorm sale one fall.
It's a great little chair and served it's purpose. It's in great shape, and office-like chairs can get a little pricey (even at WM it was $30), so I wanted to update it instead of replace it.

I have decided to paint my room a pale aquamarine with accents of orange and lime green. I looked around Etsy for fabric and found a few that I really liked, but they were a little more expensive then I really wanted to spend on this project. Then I remember seeing this color scheme in a fabric over at Hancock's - and! - it was a laminated cotton.

Measured my chair, grabbed a coupon and headed over there today. Lo and behold if they didn't still have the fabric I thought I remembered seeing! Yay! It was $19.99, I only had them cut 3/4 a yard for me, and then I had a 50% off coupon; my total came to $8.19. I was also able to pick up a couple of coordinating fabrics for a curtain valance and basket liners for the room.

For the back support I was able to disassemble it from the chair frame so that I could cover it easily. Staple gun to the rescue! I attempted to remove the original fabric, but the industrial grade staples were firmly planted, so I abandoned that and simply covered over it.
I eyeballed how far out I needed to go to be able to get a good wrap. I did end up cutting about an 1/1.5" off from this once it was stapled though.
I stapled top and bottom centers first, checking to make sure my pattern was centered and straight. and then moved out and then did both sides, then corners.
Completed back support! It took me about 10 minutes once I located the tools to unscrew the back from its support (some sort of hex screw thingamajig).

I briefly considered detaching the seat from the chair base, but decided against it. So I just covered the chair upside-down.
And the finished product:

I'm thrilled with how it turned out and very excited about getting the rest of the room re-done!

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