Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bib Bag Upcycle

Jonah is beginning solid foods, which means a necessity for bibs. I've never been one to put a bib on him while he ate a bottle and his "drool monster" phases have been brief to this point, so we haven't gotten to the wear-a-bib-all-the-time stage.

But I needed somewhere for his bibs to live now that he wears one when he eats solid foods (twice during the morning).

It hit me that I had a mesh bag that I was holding onto with no real use. I use mesh lingerie bags to wash his itty bitty socks so that I don't have to go on a scramble for them when folding his laundry and so they don't get stuck down in the feet of his footed pj's making me think I've lost socks!

The first bag I bought was very cheap. The others have been, too, but the first one's zipper stuck the first time it went through the laundry. But I couldn't bear to just cut it apart and throw it away. That would have been a total waste of $2.99!

I dug through my sewing stash instead and found some left-over bias tape. Cut the zippered portion off the bag and then sewed on the bias tape. It's been getting moved around my sewing room for a couple of months though, because even though I didn't want to throw it away, I didn't have a real purpose for it once it was zipper-less.

Until! I needed a place to store bibs. Aha! I attached to 10" pieces of ribbon to areas of the bias tape edge that I had marked to align with the slats on the back of Jonah's high chair. Sewed them on using a box stitch and then tied them on using a square knot.

It works so well because J's bibs are at-hand, but out of the way and pretty much hidden from view since his high chair sits in the corner of the kitchen.

I think I've just up-cycled and didn't even know it!

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